Jamia ka Tarana

Jamia ka Tarana

Oct 13, 2008

Trekking program in 1986

"Abe NCC ka tour ja raha he"(NCC is organising a tour) said one of my colleague!

I asked where?

Replied "Himachal Pradesh"!!!

It was in 1985-86 & i was in Xth standard, fully involve & active cadet of Jamia NCC.

Summer vacation were approaching & NCC office announced a tour for its cadets in Himachal Pradesh to do tracking in Himalyas.

It came to me like a dream comes true!

NCC was bearing @ half the cost & half to be arranged by us.

I went to NCC office along with QMD & BAM to register ourselves.

It was one month before i must make the payment.

The question remians, how to pay?

I dont wanna trouble my parents for this.

Also, the tution i was offering was not enough to bear the required expenses.

Trying to figure out, i came across a contractor backfilling Yamuna for ploting at batla house.

He offerred me to supervise backfilling operation for 20days & offered me a good amount in return.

Finally i got the amount needed to finance tracking tour.

Finished with the formalities, NCC office divided us in three groups & i was named in group-3.

My self, QMD & BAM decided to go shopping & went to Sunday market/Chor bazar behind red fort.

We purchased Gum boot, ruksack,knives & specially foam filled shirts at shoulders for our tour along with few small items.

Finally the day came & we departed in a DTC bus for ISBT (inter state bus terminal).

Few of our seniors like Musarrat Ali/Afaque bhai joined us there.

Boarded on Himachal pradesh state transport corporation bus finally departed for Kullu (HP).

Oct 4, 2008

One more personality passed away.....

Dear All,

Death of Meenai saheb came to me as a shock.
I met him only once or twice in JMI, however my father was very close to him as Meenai saheb was close associate of Professor Mujeeb (EX VC JMI).
I know Zubair Meenai his son, personally as we both active cadets of JMI NCC.
I express my deep condolence to Zubair Bhai & Family at demise of Professor Meenai.
Following is an obituary written by Ghizal mehdi, Close friend of Zubair Meenai.

Zamana bade shauq se sun raha tha
Hum hi so gaye dasstaN kehte kehte

Mohammed Naziruddin Menai, retired Professor in the Department of Political Science, Jamia Millia Islamia, passed away peacefully in his sleep on 28th September 2008 at the ripe age of 81 years. Professor Menai joined the Jamia Millia Islamia in 1957, quitting a well-paid `gazetted' job with the Government of Rajasthan for the Jamia mission. Professor Menai, a contemporary of late Vice chancellor Prof M Mujeeb and his close friend, was part of the initial building up of the institution, setting up many offices and systems in the university. He was the founder and former Head of the Political Science Department of the Jamia. Professor Menai was one of the last breeds of committed Jamaiees who passionately believed in the principals of secularism and nationalism. His commitment towards his students was legendary. He was the Secretary and President of the Jamia Teachers Association and played an important role in the teacher politics in the university.

Professor Menai closely worked with Mrs Subhadra Joshi in 'Citizens for Democracy for Communal Harmony'. He was a towering personality on the campus and was a regular theatre activist, being part of the Naya Theatre launched by renowned theater personality, Habib Tanvir and was in the original cast of several of his plays. He along with his close friend, late Professor Iqbal Mahdi, was also a founder of Progressive Writers' Association in Jamia. Professor Menai was a popular and much loved figure on the campus by all sections of the university including the teachers, administrative staff and karamcharis. He was a gentle and considerate humanitarian and impressed one and all with his demeanor. He is survived by his wife and four children – Mrs Ghazala Meenai, Mrs Tasneem Meenai, Mrs Sheeba Meenai and Professor Zubair Meenai.

Date of Birth: 01 January 1928
Lecturer Political Science at the Jamia Rural Institute: 24.10.1957
Reader, Political Science: 08.08.1970
Professor, Political Science: January 1983
Offg Registrar: 5.10.1985 to 5.7.1987
Retired on 31.12.1987
Expired: 28.09.2008

Jamia ka tarana (english)

This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
This is where men with zeal stayed
Men who answered the leaders' call
It is here that torn-off love
Found the cohesive chords
It is here that wayward passions
Formed into frenzied love
It is here that the wild tulip learnt
How to make the scar of heart aglow
This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
This is the place of men of vision
And of those with a challenging thought
Every morning here is new
And every evening newer still
Different is this tavern
And different are its norms
Different are the dancing cups
And different is their dance
Here drinking begets thirst a new
And different is this tavern's call
This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
Here, conscience is the beacon light
And conscience is the guide
Here is the Mecca of heart resides the guiding faith
Ceaseless movement is our faith
And blasphemy it is to stay still
Here, the destined goal is the march on and on
Here, the swimming urge seeks
Newer and newer storms
Restless wave itself is our resurrected shore

Translated by: Prof. M. Zakir