Jamia ka Tarana

Jamia ka Tarana

Dec 24, 2008

Jamia NCC-Trekking program (chandrakhani pass)

In last posting I was mentioning about trekking program, so lets pick it from there & continue.
We were about 20 students,10 each from junior & senior division & Mr.Afaque was our team leader, an employee of JMI NCC office.
BAM, QMD,Kamil hasan, Parvez Akhtar were prominent in our group.
When Bus Started from ISBT,we were full of energy but soon after traveling 100km, our energy level went down & we felt exhausted.
We have to travel whole night & it was expected to reach Kullu between 10-11AM.
Trying to sleep but there was no angle that we can sleep due to bumpy road & bus was far away from comfort zone!
Tried different positions
Head resting back on iron bar, too risky & can’t sleep.
Head on bar at front seat, no sleep.
Leaning either side! Forget about it.
Finally we rested past our leg on the top of front seat bar while half body on the seat in a way that our head should touch & move freely to the seat we were occupying.
This posture given all of us a tough sleep till driver applies brakes signaled that we reached Ambala (Punjab).
Went down, had our dinner & a cup of tea before disembark again.
It was last hours of night when we felt some cold, cant see outside as there was no light & no moon.
Only black tarmac visible through bus head lights but we can felt bus is gaining altitude as engine was too noisy.
Few hours later we feel company out side while covering ourselves in shawls.
To our surprise, the bus was penetrating through Himalayas.
It was my first time that I have been face to face with the youngest mountain of the world.
The brown/grey giants fully covered with greenery.
Conductor told us that we left shimla behind through bye pass road.
Unlimited peaks surround us with a kind we feel that, yes we are above the world!
National highway looks merely a line in comparison with Himalayas however it was strong enough to challenge its greatness by penetrating through.
Left side huge wall of mountains towering hundreds of meters while right side deep gorge descending straight 100 of meters.
Beautiful but frightening, a single mistake of driver can plunge the bus deep down.
The expert driver of himachal roadways was driving it fast towards destination & now we can feel cool breeze on our faces & deep down blinking Sound of Beas River.
Altogether, it was wonderful looking all around & we forget our breakfast.
Kullu came, bus stopped to drop few passenger & starts again towards Manali.
It was after kullu that we came near to Beas River as far as altitude was concern & easily hear roaring sound of flowing river.
After 20-25km bus stopped almost few hundred meters away from river on a plane & we all disembarked.
It was our base camp set on the bank of Beas river.
A very beautiful place can hardly be described in words.
The whole trekking program was organized by YHA (Youth hostel association) & we have been welcomed by officials upon arrival.
Soon after registration, we have been allotted with tent & 8 people gets one tent.
Our tent was situated very near to the banks of beas & its roaring sound was very prominent.
We have been briefed about our trekking program & its essentials to be kept in rucksack with many do’s & don’ts.
We also informed by our instructor to get ready next day for a 10km acclimatization walk which eventually will help us to get ready for the main program.
Other training highlights were rock climbing & river crossing by rope.

Oct 13, 2008

Trekking program in 1986

"Abe NCC ka tour ja raha he"(NCC is organising a tour) said one of my colleague!

I asked where?

Replied "Himachal Pradesh"!!!

It was in 1985-86 & i was in Xth standard, fully involve & active cadet of Jamia NCC.

Summer vacation were approaching & NCC office announced a tour for its cadets in Himachal Pradesh to do tracking in Himalyas.

It came to me like a dream comes true!

NCC was bearing @ half the cost & half to be arranged by us.

I went to NCC office along with QMD & BAM to register ourselves.

It was one month before i must make the payment.

The question remians, how to pay?

I dont wanna trouble my parents for this.

Also, the tution i was offering was not enough to bear the required expenses.

Trying to figure out, i came across a contractor backfilling Yamuna for ploting at batla house.

He offerred me to supervise backfilling operation for 20days & offered me a good amount in return.

Finally i got the amount needed to finance tracking tour.

Finished with the formalities, NCC office divided us in three groups & i was named in group-3.

My self, QMD & BAM decided to go shopping & went to Sunday market/Chor bazar behind red fort.

We purchased Gum boot, ruksack,knives & specially foam filled shirts at shoulders for our tour along with few small items.

Finally the day came & we departed in a DTC bus for ISBT (inter state bus terminal).

Few of our seniors like Musarrat Ali/Afaque bhai joined us there.

Boarded on Himachal pradesh state transport corporation bus finally departed for Kullu (HP).

Oct 4, 2008

One more personality passed away.....

Dear All,

Death of Meenai saheb came to me as a shock.
I met him only once or twice in JMI, however my father was very close to him as Meenai saheb was close associate of Professor Mujeeb (EX VC JMI).
I know Zubair Meenai his son, personally as we both active cadets of JMI NCC.
I express my deep condolence to Zubair Bhai & Family at demise of Professor Meenai.
Following is an obituary written by Ghizal mehdi, Close friend of Zubair Meenai.

Zamana bade shauq se sun raha tha
Hum hi so gaye dasstaN kehte kehte

Mohammed Naziruddin Menai, retired Professor in the Department of Political Science, Jamia Millia Islamia, passed away peacefully in his sleep on 28th September 2008 at the ripe age of 81 years. Professor Menai joined the Jamia Millia Islamia in 1957, quitting a well-paid `gazetted' job with the Government of Rajasthan for the Jamia mission. Professor Menai, a contemporary of late Vice chancellor Prof M Mujeeb and his close friend, was part of the initial building up of the institution, setting up many offices and systems in the university. He was the founder and former Head of the Political Science Department of the Jamia. Professor Menai was one of the last breeds of committed Jamaiees who passionately believed in the principals of secularism and nationalism. His commitment towards his students was legendary. He was the Secretary and President of the Jamia Teachers Association and played an important role in the teacher politics in the university.

Professor Menai closely worked with Mrs Subhadra Joshi in 'Citizens for Democracy for Communal Harmony'. He was a towering personality on the campus and was a regular theatre activist, being part of the Naya Theatre launched by renowned theater personality, Habib Tanvir and was in the original cast of several of his plays. He along with his close friend, late Professor Iqbal Mahdi, was also a founder of Progressive Writers' Association in Jamia. Professor Menai was a popular and much loved figure on the campus by all sections of the university including the teachers, administrative staff and karamcharis. He was a gentle and considerate humanitarian and impressed one and all with his demeanor. He is survived by his wife and four children – Mrs Ghazala Meenai, Mrs Tasneem Meenai, Mrs Sheeba Meenai and Professor Zubair Meenai.

Date of Birth: 01 January 1928
Lecturer Political Science at the Jamia Rural Institute: 24.10.1957
Reader, Political Science: 08.08.1970
Professor, Political Science: January 1983
Offg Registrar: 5.10.1985 to 5.7.1987
Retired on 31.12.1987
Expired: 28.09.2008

Jul 23, 2008

Jamia senior secondary school-Razi Ahmed Farooqui

After final examination in 12th standard engineering entrance was standing like a monster.

No guidance, nothing predefined other than a small guide costing IRs.40 was the only way to understand pattern of engineering entrance.

Agreed with Shareef & Razi Ahmed Farooqui to do joint preparation, we figure out Razi's house in noor nagar was a perfect place to sit & concentrate on entrance.

His house was empty as parents were off on summer vacation & there fore it was a fantastic place without any hitch.

morning session don't have any problem as music, tea & preparation for exam always go smoothly but problem comes when lunch time arrive!

Some time from hotel in noor nagar but Shareef was very fond of DOSA.

Whenever we try to discuss & finalize what to eat then without any delay Shareef propose DOSA.

Not, always but some times we do agree with him to try dosa at community centre.

It was IRs.4 per masala dosa those days.

Razi used to open his drawer to take his share where he had around 100 rupees change before we go & enjoy dosa.
One time, two time......why should we spend money on dosa?
There after we keep on enjoying Dosa till one day Razi discover about our mischiefs when his money fully disappeared from drawer!
He went little mad but took it lightly & we all agreed to compensate him by exempting to pool any money for next week.
Actually, it never happened & he keep paying as usual.
Our presence in his house widely spread & we got companions from neighbour hood.
Those were Asjad majeed & BAM.
Asjad has chosen to take admission in BUMS rather going for engineering while BAM continue to prepare for entrance.
Razi was little fat as compare to me, asjad, shareef with almost equal height.
One day he we saw him wearing a nice light pink shirt!
It was a nice shirt & i asked him to give me for one day. he out rightly rejected my request & told to go & buy as he like that & cant share with any one.
He left on his bicycle & i took recourse to have that shirt at any cost!
Tried in community centre but didn't get the right one.
Returned dejected on my bicycle, with desire, i went towards noor nagar to meet razi but he wasn't at home!
Since summer was on peak therefore i decide to go inside to have some chilled water.
Infact, we all were aware where razi used to keep his house keys, so i took it & went inside.
While drinking water i saw the same pink shirt hanging inside room.......A lightning idea flashed in my mind & took his shirt & went straight to my house.
With a pre planned scheme, i sat on sewing machine & stitched the shirt according to my size & cut the additional portion to curb any doubt later!
Did ironing & it was ready for my use.
After noon we met againg & razi, shareef, Asjad & BAM were delighted to see my shirt.
Razi exclaimed & said this exactly look like my shirt!
I was smiling from inside.
Suddenly he took time out & went inside his house, came back with multicolor face.
He said in anguish that his shirt is missing!
He pointed out at me & said you have taken my shirt & i refused his claim.
He then asked me to take it off for checking.
We went inside & i took off my shirt.
He examined & returned back the shirt with uncomfort & doubt.
He was not convinced but cant do any thing because it was not of his fitting.
After few weeks in a good mood after listening many complaints from Razi that his shirt disappeared since i bough new shirt.
Decided to end the suspense, i revealed him that his shirt although disappeared, however, it still exist, he asked where?
I told him that the one i wear was actually his shirt.
While i was making the statement, razi's mouth was wide open with a disbelief.
He said, he was always doubtful that i took his shirt but there was a logic for not believing that.
I asked him the logic.
He said, Morning time shirt was with him & afternoon time it wasn't, infact the one which i weared was smaller in size & it was beyond imagination as all the tailor shops closed during noon time & no one can do repair in such a short time!!!!
Then i told him that he is absolutely right but some time things can be solved with a simplicity without complications.
He put the right logic but i did the job of a tailor.
Although little angry with the act, finally he salute the art & offered me the shirt as gift.
Since that time, he never forget the episode & iam sure if he read this he will be delighted to share this with his wife & kids.
It is not very important to mention that we always finished sweets without his permission that he used to hide in the cupboard which was sent by his relatives quiet oftenly from Lucknow.
I met razi last time few years back on Batla house chowk.....he was in Delhi that time but i heard recently about his presence in KSA.
Trying to find out his contacts.

Jun 24, 2008

Crazy friend Akbar......Jamia senior secondary school

Mohammed Akbar

Few years back i was in Delhi during my terminal leave & relaxing after short escape from Dubai.
One day,
Akbar called me & asked what iam doing in evening?
I said nothing much!
He offered me a dinner old Delhi.
I agreed.
Out of context & previous experience, i asked him how many people & how to reach there?

Without hesitation, he stated to take master ji (mohammed shareef) & take rickshaw to reach okhla railway station.
From railway station, pick local to reach old Delhi railway station.
From old Delhi railway station, hire Tonga to reach near by place & then leave Tonga in near vicinity to cover remaining distance by walking.
I told him, Are you crazy?
Why don't we take auto rickshaw & reach the place?
He remain adamant to go there only the way he has planned & shareef ( The Dosa King),was part of it.
I refused & said, iam not in college life now & please you also come out.
I know you & shareef are jamia employee but don't you think its too harsh for me & nihari to spend these efforts & time in commuting?
I know even i refused, both of them might have went there as per their wish & plan.
This was AKBAR, my sarcastic, crazy friend.

If i talk about honesty, i will find akbar on top of the list.
He is so nice, humble, honest, lovable & most of time intolerable friend of mine.

You will be surprised to know that he used Halliday & Resnik books when we were trying to understand the contents of NCERT physics book.
Moreover, he was the only guy expert in collecting & referring to foreign writers during our school times.
He was hard working person, very responsible & ready to do any thing for friends & friendship.
For example, if he has money to deposit school fee & he found one of us wants to eat kebab then without thinking twice, he will pay kebab bill rather retaining the same to pay school fee.
Never mind if he gets punished for late fee later on.
He is the one who sacrificed his whole career just to understand few fundas of physics in XII standard.
I learned few things from him & the most imortant was NOT TO GIVE UP.
When the going gets tough then the tough gets going.
He used to work as a porter at Delhi air port at night to sustain his education expenses & day time, he was the first to arrive in school!
Smiling, full of energy all the times.
Many people among my friends used Akbar for their benefits & despite knowing the facts, he never yelled & complain.
He is source of inspiration & energy for many, but unfortunately his education career came to an abrupt halt during 1987.
Our friendship didnt stopped there & Akbar was part of my life since then.
He joined JMI later on as an employee & recently looks & behave like a government employee.
But, there is person inside Akbar, looking for freedom from busy life schedule.
I saw a darkness in his eyes, like a boy become adult in childhood.
I saw many of his dreams trying to come out but he is holding them tight just to fulfill his obligation & responsibilities to his family.
Last time when i went india for 7 days in 2005, i didnt get time to meet him.
This time i will try........
One more thing about akbar.
B.A.M( one of Akbar's friend) asked him few years back to make passport, so that we can call him Dubai.
Since he is governmnet employee therefore it can be easy for him to get long leave like others.
Akbar said, he doesnt have money, so BAM given him that money.
As usual we used to eat out at night & these times akbar was very happy to pay all the bills.
Suddenly, one day BAM asked him, did he submitted passport form?
He smiled & told that all the money he spend by paying food bills.
I know BAM is one of those friend of Akbar, who never used him.
Akbar, he is simply great like great mughal emperor Akbar.
He is king by heart.
I pray to ALLAH to make his life easy & give him a life partner to experience family life.

Next time i will post some thing about Shareef (The dosa King), Internal student, topper & now Reader in Jamia Engineering college.

Jun 21, 2008

Math paper leak in 1989

It was engineering second year & final exams were near.
People like me went underground as to cover up lost time invested in college canteen to avoid a shameful result.
It was a trend to go back to studies at least 40-50 days before exams & we did the same.
Although we got rid of Physics but mathematics was again there in second year & it was an uphill task.
I was doing preparation with other guys while came to know that Math paper is out!
To avoid labour, we also went in Que to break the code & get the paper before.
Tried many contacts but no result!
One day left!
Preparation were nothing except two sample paper (model paper).
Then one of my colleague broke the silent with a good news that he knows the person who has the paper.
We decided & contribute whatever in pockets to buy maths paper.
There was a condition!
Only one person is allowed & he will get the paper to have a look on spot write every thing on note book with a warning of not revealing it to any one!
It was an easy thing for us, we got the question paper & asked one of the brilliant engineering student to come & solve it.
One of our friend Ejaz Ahmed, refused to look into it & went along with his preparations.
Any how, Brilliant student came, solve the question paper & we got every thing in our mind.
It was party time, Nihari roti in Batla house was not less than a feast that night.
We talked about so many things & slept without exam tension.
Next morning i left for examination center, i found many of my friends but no body was interested in talking to each other as we used to do before any paper.
Actually i was also not interested in talking to any one as the whole questionnaire was in my mind & i was in hurry to solve those questions.
Finally the moment arrived & invigilator distributed the math paper.
I took it from his hands, opened the fold quickly & suddenly it seems that some punched me on my face.
I went blank!
It was a shock & i asked invigilator to check whether this is the one for us?
Is it not for people appearing for compartment?
He smiled & said, there is no mistake at all & this is mathematics question paper for BSc.Engineering II year.
It was just like that some one punctured the inflated balloon with only difference that no body has heard the blast!!!!
I looked around & found majority of students in the same state as of mine.
With lot & lot of difficulty i attempted 04 questions out of 5 compulsory with an uncertainty to have 03 correct to get me green pass.
Not more than 90 minutes & i was out of the examination hall.
I found most of them outside, now talking, abusing & cursing.
I joined the group.
I saw Ejaz Ahmed coming out smiling.
He took us to muzaffar bhai ki canteen for console.
There was nothing to say, the man ran away who sold the paper & there was no paper leaked that year.
It was simply a trap made for the purpose to earn money.
At least 85% students got compartment in second year mathematics, fortunately i was among those 15% lucky students who got the green pass without compartment.
Quite often Ejaz Ahmed used to smile on us whenever we talk about that particular instance & happening.
Some time over smartness give negative results & short cut cause only PAIN.

May 31, 2008

Mimmi baji passed away

(Reply to Zoya Ajmali on Jamia alumni directory yahoo group on 31.05.08)

I do agree with Zoya, I don’t know but zoya name looks familiar to me, may be you were my nursery mate during 1973-75!
This immense & irreparable loss not only shocked me but Jamiaets much elder & younger to me.
She was famous as Mimmi baji for us & Mimmi aapa for people elder than me although her name was “Jamal Fatima”.
I already tried to sum up few moments on my blog last year.

It is almost impossible to describe your first teacher.
I was so young (about 3year old) when admitted to Jamia nursery.
Not clear with each & every aspect of happenings other than few faces & impression of first activities on the canvas of my innocent mind.
The very prominent were two.
Mimmi baji & Abdullah Bhai.
A lady or a second Mother to us is wearing a saree, & a prominent looking big spectacle & a lovely voice.
Story telling, various academic & sports activities with love & affection was so attractive that very few wants to leave nursery at 12.
There might be millions of happenings in ones life, thousands of people you come across meeting & hundreds of teacher you might experienced but there are very few you remember throughout your life.
You may remember those, who played a significant role to guide your life on the way to success.
Although Nursery students were not able to think about future, experience, career & all those difficult things waits for them on threshold, however, it was life taking shape under control guidance & careful hands of Mimmi baji & those associated little later.
Mimmi baji taught us to share our lunch box with others.
It may sound little important but Sharing lunch box lead to tolerance & cohesiveness among each other in many ways!
The first lesson learnt always mean too much for many & for me too.
Mimmi baji initiated with a right script on the canvas of our mind.
I do remember to receive invitation from Jamia nursery to attend annual function even after 12 years after leaving.
How much it touches you when you see mimmi baji remembering your name after 10-15-20 years?
It matter a lot to me.
I don’t remember complete name of my engineering mates from 1991 in 2008!
But she (mimmi baji) remembered all her students.

“Kullu nafsin zayeqatul maut”

Death is certain, life is uncertain.
Despite knowing the fact we all care, run & live for the uncertain thing.
Also we do care to retain few of them forever which we know is not possible.
She was one of the certain personalities in my uncertain life that will remain certain till shadow of uncertainty took over me.
Future become reality in present that passed quickly to dump it in past & within no time we lost in never ending black hole of the cruel past.

I dedicate this article to Mimmi baji & Pray ALLAH to shower blessings on her & rest her soul in peace.

Note: Did any one have photograph of Mimmi baji?

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Today I go back through the memory lanes of those days when as a kid I used to go to jamia nursery.The only source of attraction for me in that school happened to be a frail short but sweeter than sweets lady called MIMMI BAJI.......Yes! I'm proud very very proud to say that she was my first & foremost teacher.She proved to be a Florence Nightingale in those days and also thereafter.Even though I left Jamia after nursery itself but she always remembered me and always showered her blessings in the little get togethers of jamia through which we met.A few years back I had the privilege of meeting her again and I very proudly showed my children MY VERY FIRST GUIDE OF LIFE.She again blessed me and my children too. I can still remember her warm smile of recognition as well as feel the warmth of her embrace. I pray to Allah For her Maghfirath.

May 27, 2008

Mimmi Baji also left...

Dear ALL,

I got an email from Aziz Akhtar bhai, giving a sad news.

"Mimmi baji expired this morning (26.05.08)".

What to say!!!!
She was like a mother not only for me but many of us.
Thinking about Jamia nursery during our times & much before cant be possible without mimmi baji.
May ALLAH rest her soul in peace & Place in Heaven.

HazaroN saal Nargis apni benoori pe roti hai
baRi mushkil se hota hai chaman meiN deedawar paida.

Apr 27, 2008

Farooq Saheb

Dear All,
Today morning (27.04.2008) Haroon called me & said FAROOQ SAHEB, our beloved teacher in Jamia middle school passed away.
He was more than a teacher for us.
May ALLAH rest his soul in peace.
Slowly, The certainity of death putting a full stop to the uncertain life of many......Our turn will also come.
We will soon be the part of PAST.

Kal aur aaiyeN ge naghmoN ki khilti kaliyaN chun ne wale
Mujhse behtar kehne wale, tum se behtar sun ne wale............

Dear Sir (Farooq Saheb),
You will remain in our memories for ever.

Apr 8, 2008

Jamia NCC

It is not possible to for me to leave sweet memories pertaining to JAMIA NCC.
Actually, I was collecting all other happening before key down episode related to NCC, NSS & BAL Bhawan outlet in Jamia middle school.
I don’t know exactly when I become interested in NCC but thing that fascinates me like other kids was foundation day parade in middle school campus.
Earlier we used to take small flags in our hand to gather near intersection of parks dividing middle from higher secondary school.
Later during 6th standard onwards, we used to escape & look at the heart throbbing march past (drill) from different angle.
It was fabulous to see cadets from all grades marching towards the centre stage to give SALAMI to VC.
Military drum, the scintillating beat (sare jahan se achcha, Hindustan humara), Army fit out with color full red & navy blue scarf, followed by senior division boys, girls, junior division boys & girls file.
With one beat of drum & a clear sound of (TUCK) from heels of the cadets.
29th October never comes in summer there fore it was always a nice weather to stand there in school lawns for hours to see people performs.
Once Cadet Company reached to destination, they ordered to stand in at ease.
Mean time, there were four pilots, wearing the NCC dress appears on bullets as VC’s escort.Approaching slowly like President of India goes for 26th January at raj path......continue

Mar 2, 2008

Library- Jamia middle school

It was 1978-79, when I came to know about Library in Jamia Middle School.
During recess timing I went to library with one of my friend.
It was situated below Iqbal Manzil.
For the first time I saw Habib sahib, sitting behind the table with spectacles & topi on head.
I asked him to allow me to go inside & search for a story book.
He asked, is it your first time?
I said yes.
He said go to your class teacher & bring a signed application for the membership.
I tried & found Hashmet sahib on leave, went again to Habib sahib & briefed him.
He provided with an alternative to take signature of any teacher.
Eventually I got it signed by Aisha Madam.
Habib sahib opened & activated my account.
I was allowed to go inside where racks & racks of books were stored.
Fascinating, I grabbed one small storey book.
As rule one should return the book with 7days/ 3days of issue, depending upon the demand or else pay late return fine.
Days become too long after the school for those small storey books.
By the time I reach to 5th standard, I was finished with all storey books of my taste kept in library.
Taste developed at that time was fantasy, adventure & magic.
Mazhar ul haque alvi was one of the favorites.
Apart from storey books, library was full of other books as well.
Daily news paper of Urdu, Hindi & English that can be read in recess.
Table full of Khilona, payame taleem, champak, lot pot were amongst the favorite of the pupil.
Some times you find them fighting for magazines.
It was habib sahebs tool to tackle students in such situation.
He used to send every body out from the library in such situations.
There fore fight scenes were negligible.
Apart from issuing the story book directly from library, we used to circulate them among friends by squeezing our reading time otherwise; it was difficult to get the same once some one return.
Habib sahib although strict but have soft corner for those who return the books in time, keep them neat & tidy, never tear or fold the pages & of course class mate of his daughter Ruqaiyya.
I don’t have much of memories of middle school library except that I used to run before school ends to ensure a story book for self.
It was a rare incident that I sit inside reading room to enjoy any digest & news paper.
Library can be found in any school, any where in the world.
Habib sahib was a thorough gentleman & a respected person.
I know many years back that he is no more in this world.
I really enjoyed my library association along with my friends.
It was also mandatory to take clearance before issuing the hall ticket of Class VIII.
I pray to ALLAH to rest Habib sahib soul in peace & bless him with a place in Jannat.
His contribution was unique in making our future; at least, I got the habit of reading just because of Library of Jamia middle school.

Jamia ka tarana (english)

This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
This is where men with zeal stayed
Men who answered the leaders' call
It is here that torn-off love
Found the cohesive chords
It is here that wayward passions
Formed into frenzied love
It is here that the wild tulip learnt
How to make the scar of heart aglow
This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
This is the place of men of vision
And of those with a challenging thought
Every morning here is new
And every evening newer still
Different is this tavern
And different are its norms
Different are the dancing cups
And different is their dance
Here drinking begets thirst a new
And different is this tavern's call
This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
Here, conscience is the beacon light
And conscience is the guide
Here is the Mecca of heart resides the guiding faith
Ceaseless movement is our faith
And blasphemy it is to stay still
Here, the destined goal is the march on and on
Here, the swimming urge seeks
Newer and newer storms
Restless wave itself is our resurrected shore

Translated by: Prof. M. Zakir