Jamia ka Tarana

Jamia ka Tarana

Apr 29, 2007

Past Tense....Sr.Sec School

During talimi mela in 1984, i took permission to acquire a small place to sale Omelet along with HZ.
Our investment was not much.
Bread & egg crates from Batla house SM's shop, few litre kerosene from home, stove, paper plates,stainless steel glass & a can of water.
We decorated our small table with omelet facilities & started.
Soon after finishing Guard of honour parade, i also join HZ on stall.
Omelet was a running item & by the afternoon of 29Th October, we have added one more feature on demand to our business.
Now, Omelet & tea....A corner where you get the taste with each sip & bite.
First day we attended 100 customers, increased to 250 to 300 on second day & by the closing hours we received two big orders from Late Shahid saheb (hindi teacher) & Akhlaque Saheb.
HZ & myself was very happy & we bought 6 additional egg trays by paying cash along with all required preambles.
Morning of 31st October 1984, was normal like any other morning, but we were happy for the coming profit in three days Talimi mela.
Preparation starts & then came a news..........................
Prime minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi Shot dead by her body guards.
Every thing came to stand still, Climax of Talimi mela was winded like any other celebration or activity throughout Delhi.
Nation lost the leader & we lost our fortune.
It was our mistake or school's policy that we did not received any advance payment against the order.
We went to Shahid saheb & akhalaque saheb but to no result.
It was my first attempt to do a business & it came out as a total failure.
I was cursing the moment so as HZ, not realising loss to the nation.
I came to know the importance only after few days when all the forces were sent on borders & Government of India called all NCC cadets to do national duty in the absence of required Military & police.
I was one among many, witnessed impressions of cruel death on burnt & half burned bodies when humanity died all of a sudden & Delhi became the place of Evil.

Past tense....Middle School

One of my acquaintance now & friend during school days get famous with many nick names like Bel patthar etc....
I know the reason why he was called bel patther & there are two happenings to conclude his nick.
Happening#1: After school time,Noon time of scorching heat during summer season, i was with him & many were trying to fetch Bel Patthar from the tree situated next to baghbaani of middle school & near to mushtaq bhai's house & cricket net practise pitch.
We were trying very hard by throwing stone to target the fruit.
Suddenly one bel patthar fel from the tree & before any alert directly hit the head of our friend.
Bel Patthar@ 1kg in weight & free fall from at least 20 feet might have resulted in cracked scull, but to our surprise, Nothing happened to him & he behaved like a normal person then.
One of our companion immediately given him the nick of BEL PATTHAR.
Happening#2: The same fellow tried to play cricket.
He equipped himself with all available protection during the friendly match between VII & VIIIth class.
He took the guard & the bowler was Nahid, fast medium from Ghafoor basti.
He went to his bowlers mark, start running, came to the wickets & bowled a shorter delivery.
Our friend swung his bat.
Fielders heard a noise of striking the ball with something.
The way he swung the bat, fielders expecting a big shot on the ON side, but there was no ball there!!!
Suddenly wicket keeper looks up & found the ball coming from the sky & he caught it.
Actually, Our friend misjudge the ball & it struck his scull & went up.
We all ran towards him & he shakes his head & told us.....Every thing is OK.
It was the time when many called him by this name & even today.
I will mention his name after few days, if no objection to the content received from him.
You never know, when people go offended even for real happenings!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 24, 2007

Past tense...Sr.Secondary School

Senior secondary school is incomplete without mentioning about Mohammed Yusuf Papa, Physics teacher.
Impressive personality, long white beard,unpredictable nature & dare to take any body on task.
I still remember, when he enters from main gate of school, You will not find a single student roaming or chatting within 50m radius.
Physics class room in XIScA was on first floor & i used to sit near window facing playground.
It was papa's standing instruction that, if you are late for the class then you don't need permission to enter, simply & quietly enter & take your seat.
One fine morning, i was late for class & decided to skip papa's period.
Was returning to canteen & saw NS coming from gafoor basti side.
She stopped & request me to go along because she, like every one is afraid of Papa.
I thought for a while & voluntarily to impress her rather to help, accompanied to the class room.
Unaware of a real BAD MORNING.
We enter the class & started to move quietly to the seat but papa halted me in the middle.
"Abe sooowar, kya company baagh meiN tehalne aaya hai?
KahaN tha ab tak?"
By the time i try to open my mouth, papa caught me.
It was papa, who asked a question & i was knowing that, if i reply he will beat me badly & if i don't reply he will beat me.
He removed his wrist watch,
I saw him doing that & prepared myself for the assault.
In the middle of decorating me with slaps & punches, he asked about my father.
I told him the name & speed of assault increased because he knew my father.
  • According to many, you are more prone to problems if any body knows your parents because you must pay the price of being hailed from good family.
His assault continues for 10 minutes before he get fully exhausted.
After class i was figuring out my fault.
I complied by his instruction & he beats me, why?

Then my fellow told me that he has asked in the beginning of class that where is hero who used to sit next to window & always looks out side as if to see Mujra.
Every body agreed that it was a real bad day.
Now, NS, she approached me, i didn't spoke to her.
Evening she came to my house with one of her friend & apologised for the incidence.
She felt sorry because i returned to class room on her request.
Next day, we had a nice treat on her account in canteen.
While attending the class, papa was hilarious as usual & i also forget the past because after all he used to love all of us very much.
I wrote this because today morning while talking to one of my school friend who reminded me the incident.
Thank you AI for reminding me.
I will try to key down more of papa here, Inshah Allah.

Apr 22, 2007

Past tense.....Sr.Sec.School

Since English as a subject starts only at grade-V, you can feel heat in higher secondary school.
Not from your side, but few individuals in teaching staff makes you feel while comparing to those migrated from convent or public schools.

I remember XII Sc A, when one of the respected teacher needs the attention of back benchers to the topic.
As usual we were the part of so called back benchers not because we need, but we were pushed back by our teacher there.
Front seats were occupied on personal merit mostly by girls.
Nevertheless we were little ignorant to his advise due to his deviation from the subject.
That particular day he started well but skipped the subject & went on to tell us the calories content in a slice of bread!
On further emphasis, he claimed that only one slice of bread can give you as much energy so that you can run from class room to holy family hospital.
Now, this was indigestible for us.
I raised my voice & told him if he can go up to the school gate by having one slice of bread!!!
He became RED.
Asked, who was he?
No reply from back benchers......
He went out of control & asked the whole row to get out from the class.
Just before leaving, he, remind us........
"Go to your respective parents & tell them, you will never become engineers".
we came out happily, went to muzaffar bhai ki canteen & forget his comments.
After examination, result came.
Many front benchers did not qualify the eligibility criteria to appear in engineering entrance.
All back benchers appeared & cleared entrance exam, got admission, leaving balance front banchers failed to secure engineering seat except for two girls.
One day,
We all sat together & try to work out free coaching classes for XII Sc students to avoid difficulties what we have faced.
Those days, there were only two coaching centers, one JMI(free) & other run by One of our chemistry teacher Mr.Malik Sarwar Khan (handsome fee).
We have worked out plan, agreed with few lecturers in engineering to provide coaching & went to senior secondary school to get permission to use class rooms.
Our surprise, we found the same teacher as "care taker principal".
We explained our motive & cause to help.
Unfortunately, he took everything other way round & conveyed to us that our intentions are not good & passed a derogatory comment.
( i will not mention his comments)
Before leaving, i stopped & remind him some thing that happened in the past.
I said, i always felt sorry for what i did in the class room, but you must understand & change the way of your thinking.
He recalled that episode & i mentioned to him, all the back benchers are now engineering students & want to contribute & help fellow students/juniors.
I still remember, he never felt ashamed of his stand.
This is what happens with so called "Care Takers"!!!! Like Nim hakim khatrae jaan.... (within months he was restored again as a teacher).
After denial we saw many students starve to gets proper coaching within jamia campus for many years due to financial & other problems.
It also leads to the reduction of internal percentage in engineering.
Iam not against the teacher in any regards, but to the mental block that prevent fresh air to flow in.
Allama Iqbal said in a beautiful way..
Aiine nau se darna, tarze kohan pe addna
manzil yehi katthin hai, qaumoN ki zindagi meiN.

Apr 16, 2007


Article by Khursheed Yusuf Bhai, Very Old Jamiaet in Dubai.
Inspiring message reflecting values of JMI.


What you are seeing to-day as; Jamia Millia Islamia, a sprawling Central University, has an unparallel unique story behind it, of dedication, devotion, unseen and unheard of sacrifices, selfless commitments, tremendous team work of the founders and makers; which includes some of the front line names like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Ali Brothers (Maulana Mohammed Ali Johar and Maulana Shaukat Ali Johar ), Dr.Zakir Hussain, Dr. Abid Hussain, Prof. Mohammed Mujeeb etc. and the team of devoted teachers, other staff members and workers.Their sole aim was to stand steadfastly behind their leaders to establish a Unique National Secular Educational Institution of highest international standard.They had bare minimum resources but loads of determination and the willpower to fight and conquer all the odds and obstacles which may come in the way.
My aim here is not to tell you the history of JMI, but to give you a brief idea of the vision and the spirit of the people behind to-days modern, magnificent central university called Jamia Millia Islamia.
I am simply penning a small incident to give you an idea about the thinking and outlook of those people; who were the real force in the formation of this great Institution………….
On one of the convocations of Jamia Millia Islamia Dr. Zakir Hussain invited the then Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru to be the chief guest. Well alright, the P.M was invited but the main worry of Dr. Zakir Hussain was to present the best picture of Jamia Millia Islamia in every word of it, be it the different programmes of the function , the decoration, the environment with limited financial resources and a very tight schedule. The venue which he selected for this occasion needed lots of leveling and cleaning and as per the Head of the Building Dept. (TAAMIRAT) it was impossible to make that area ready according to the instructions of Dr. Zakir Hussain in that limited time and budget.
The Head of the Building Dept. worked to his utmost capability with his limited resources day and night. But a morning before the date of the function Dr. Zakir Hussain found that a significant portion of the main venue still needed dressing and cleaning.
And he assessed that it could not be completed before 10.00A.M next morning. He was quite concerned and got worried. Immediately he sent a word for Mr. Abul Kalam, the then Director, Institute Of Arts Education, his team’s one of the most trusted, loyal, and dependable colleague.

He informed him about the present crises and instructed him to get the work finished latest by 6AM next morning and left the place confidently, having full trust in his capabilities.
The orders of Dr. Zakir Hussain were taken by his team; as the commands from the highest authority on the earth and they were there to be carried out and completed in time.
Mr. Abul Kalam went immediately to his Institute and called an emergency meeting of his obedient students and put forward the most difficult task in front of them. The army of those youthful, zealous students immediately without any slightest hesitation joined hands with their most respected teacher Mr.Abul Kalam to take up this herculean task..
Dr. Zakir Hussain came to the site next morning at 5A.M and to his utmost surprise the whole venue was immaculately dressed up with a real fresh look and Mr.Abul Kalam’s team was giving final finishing touches. The team had worked non-stop through out the day and night.
Dr. Zakir Hussain left the place un-noticed to return back shortly, and called Mr.Abul Kalam, embraced him with tremendous joy and affection and said that; even he new that the task was almost impossible to accomplish in such a short time. Mr. Kalam along with his dedicated team had done it. He took out a round object wrapped up in a stitched cloth and gave it to Mr. Abul Kalam saying that; this the first ripe Guava (Amrood) of his garden and it is for him.
There were tears of joy in the eyes of Mr. Abul Kalam, because this simple gift meant much more to him than the finest award or trophy anyone could get.
This is only a small incident but one which embodies the spirit and simple-heartedness of the people who contributed and worked tirelessly to give shape to to-days modern and famous central university THE JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA.



The following is an article by senior jamiaet(Aziz Akhtar Bhai)in Dubai, Son of One of the Life member of JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA.
I Hope it is worth reading.
A telephone call from Zubair is always welcome. that is the reason why, when he called me the other day, i pressed 'Yes' on my cell unhesitatingly. his voice, as usual, was cheerful but the context of his talk was not. He wanted me to write something about Jamia. Though he had gift wrapped it in the form of a 'request', but I could smell the 'order' behind it. I tried to wriggle out of it, citing, the work load, etc. (the usual stuff), but as a true Jamiaet he persisted. Not finding any escape route, I agreed, hoping that he would forget. But then, you know Zubair. a few days later he called again. this time the gift wrap had gone. the 'request' had almost become a 'threat'. I agreed on a deadline with all good intentions. but you know how it is. the deadline came and went with no reminder from him. I relaxed, hoping that he had given up. but last night when I was sleeping a message came on my cell phone, which read : "Kahan se laaoon, sabree hazrate, Ayub ae Aziz - Waqt guzra, printing pending, article nadarad"! Now this was serious. Somebody was becoming a 'Shaaer'. i had to do something so here i am. The basic question, which was responsible for this delay is still there. How does one write 'something about Jamia'? 'Jamia has always meant' a lot of things to me. Unfortunately, I belong to the Jamia with which many of our young Jamaees will not be familiar with. It was small, it was beautiful. there was something about Jamia which i have not found anywhere else. The warmth, the sicerity, the one-ness, the sense of belonging and a very very special atmosphere. there were certain unique activities which the other schools try to follow but the difference is huge. Which school has 'Khuli Hawa ka Madrasa', 'Taleemi mela', 'One day school', ' Mud Day', and full fledged elections- even at the primary school level?!!!! In which school do students learn without a text book till class VI. In which schools do class I students look after animals in their own mini-zoo? Where will you find class four students managing a bank, class V students the 'Khwancha' (tuck shop). and class VI th e poultry farm? where else have you seen the entire primary school engaged in gardening a and selling their own produce? Which principal anywhere in the world will have the confidence in his students to hand them the entire academic and administrative work- right from cleaning the toilets, hostels, class rooms and the entire campus to teaching seriously in class rooms, to managing the office, while the principal, the entire teaching, administrative and ancillary staff go far away on a picnic?!! There cannot be many institutes or schools whose products, without exception, will be honest under really difficult situations, helpful to even strangers, respectful to the elders and ladies, helpful to even strangers, most open minded and truly secular. Well all this and much more was Jamia. It pains me to use the past tense but those of you who are familiar with Jamia of the fifties and sixties would know what I mean. I was inspired by my teachers. From Mehboob Saheb who taught me in class I to Sayyed Ahmed Ali Saheb who was my teacher in class VI to Batra Saheb and Faiz Saheb who taught us mathematics, and Ms. Kamlesh Daniel (popularly known as K.D.) who had the unenviable task of teaching us english to class XI students in Jamia, where we had started learning out english alphabets in class VI! they were all truly 'great teachers' and extremely good 'human beings'. I guess in the Jamia of those days, the two were synonymous - for you cannot be 'great teacher without being a good human being'. Inspired by those teachers, I chose teaching as a profession and have not regretted it. Where ever I work, I try to give a 'bit of Jamia' to that school. But it can only be a bit because giving everything is impossible now. this i consider my humble contribution towards the debt I owe to Jamia for giving me eleven wonderful years of my life.


Apr 15, 2007

Past Tense....Jamia Senior Sec.School

In the midst of half yearly examination vacations.
Winter was on peak & so carrot halwa .
We ran out of money & desire to eat gajar ka halwa went on peak.
Me,MA,BAM decided something.
Next evening we went QMD's house to congratulate him for securing third position in half yearly examinations.
He went mad with the unexpected triumph.
We urged him to give treat.
He insisted to visit examination branch to varify our statment.
MA provided him the photocopy of result with signature & seal of examination branch.
QMD satisfied & we proceed to "Maqsood halwai ki dukan" in batla house to enjoy gajar ka halwa.
After filling the stomach, desire need more, but little portion in the plate.
MA spitted in the plate & took possession of remaining Halwa.
We thanked QMD for treat & wished him good luck.
Two days after QMD found searching for all of us on his bullet 350.
He went to examination branch & saw the actual results.
He FAILED in half yearly examinations.
We never apologised to him as he did what an angry man can do with his friends.
Halwa was digested & we were comfortable after forging the results & specially MA who forged the signature & stamp of examination branch.

Apr 10, 2007

Past Tense....Jamia Sr. Secondary school

It was the time of Talimi mela in 1985.
I was in X-C,famous in school for its extra curricular activities & later out standing academic results.
Other than two-second divisions all other student secured first division.
My self, HZ, BAM, MA, QMD, JA, KS& MS decided to open a stall during Taleemi maila & some how we got the permission from the school.
We started preparation for the big event.
Inspite of having no money we all managed to contribute Rs.100 each & total of Rs.800 to set up stall in talimi mela.
Like any other business we had strong competitors set up their stalls, E.g commerce dept, NCC etc.
The competition was tough, opponents were strong by money & marketing strategies & we were nowhere near to them except having high hopes & determination to achieve.
What to do? How to go for it? Etc were the unanswered question to be answered in no time.
We have given the name of our stall as “YOUTH STALL” & prepared the banner ourselves costing only stationary.
Finally the morning came.
Vice chancellor did the flag hoisting & after a nice heart throbbing March by NCC cadets, mela begins begins with a bang.
HZ& BAM were given the responsibility to make seekh kebabs, MA, KS & MS were responsible for the counter & cash along with MA & QMD to see the security & JA with me to do serving & preparation of chat papri & other issues.
There were no watertight responsibilities but we just arranged our self for that.
Some time BAM comes to coffee machine with MA & KS comes with me to make chat papri.We asked JA to concentrate out side because of his chocolate/heroic looks .
HZ was an expert in making kebab & every thing was smooth.
By mistake but with a great zeal we have invented,tasted & launched new variety for jamiaets & visitor of talimi mela.
It was named "Taan Jhaan".
Chicken based, well marinated & fried tikka type stuff.
Ripped the market & fetched a lot of fortune for us.
Accounts & NCC got envious due to our popularity.
The night came, MA with QMD stayed to guard & as usual QMD went to sleep resulting some body robbed our stall.
The morning was dedicated to count the losses.
Many things were missing & we bought raw material on debit to run the show.
I was knowing & BAM also pointed the suspects, but, we cant accuse them.
we waited till the night.
This time I stayed with BAM & recovered some of our losses in term of eggs & cold drinks from the neighbours.(commerce dept & NCC revealed later that they have stolen our items).

That night we offered our neighbours omelets & cold drink.
Prepared omelets from their cooking oil & gas & received their gratitude with big thanks.
It was nothing but tit for tat .
We never regretted but when shared with girls they condemned both of us.

It wasn't the end, NP father bought two dozen of bananas & to avoid carrying them he kept them in youth stall without our knowledge.
I thought they belongs to our neighbours & shared all bananas with members of youth stall including NP.
In evening, her mother came & found nothing except empty bag, then we saw many colors on NP’s face.
We learned Chori karna achchi aadat nahiN hai, Tit for tat is not the ultimate solution.
That was the time to learn, regret & again indulge in similar activity.
Any how, we had good profit in the end.
The profit that tends me & BAM to contest school election.

Apr 9, 2007

Past Tense...Jamia Senior secondary school

One day our Urdu teacher of ix-c Razi Ahmed Kamal Sahib announce forthcoming event of BAIT BAZI.
Every body got excited except few.
Razi kamal sir selected few students and given them poet with a dead line of one week.
Each student must memorize at least 100 Sher of each shair.
I got Hasrat Mohani, HZS ghalib,BAM Haali (not sure),KS Mir taqi Mir & QMD got Faani.
It was a difficult task but since we all were inclined to literature & poetry we start memorising the same.
QMD, although promised at that time realised later that this is not his peace of cake.
He struggled every single day & moment, hue & cried in memorising Sher without any complain because we all were afraid of Razi kamal sir.
Finally the day arrived, he came to class room & start asking one by one.
All were satisfactory except one.
There is one sher, in fact Maqta of faani, it states,

Faani hum to jeete ji woh mayyat haiN be gor-o-kafan
ghurbat jisko raas na aayi, aur watan bhi chhoot gaya.

He asked QMD to start,
I will always remember QMD's style & that particular moment in my life.
With a smile he said, he didn't get time to memorise many Sher but one.
He starts,

JAANI hum tau jeete ji woh mayyat haiN...Razi kamal sir said, thank you very much & please sit down.
He was smiling & we all were holding our stomach, sealing our lips to stop a storm of laugh trying to come out.
Razi Kamal sir praised his commitments to participate.
QMD never felt dejected because he knew that there are arena's where no body can beat him.
I asked him in 2005, how many Sher he memorised as of now!
He replied two.
One, remained the same without change as of 1983-84....JAANI HUM....
The other one he learned in recent days, mush simpler than of renowned poets.
There are many spisodes yet to come.

Apr 8, 2007

Past Tense....Middle School

Ever heard of Students managing school & teacher are off for the day?
ONE DAY SCHOOL or Khuli hawa ka madarsa was the prominent feature of Jamia Middle School.
I don't know whether it continue to present day or not.
However, if not then you can see through your imagination here.
On particular day,every year teachers,administrative staff & non teaching staff enjoy a day on picnic leaving school completely on the shoulders of students, to manage.
You can feel the day while you enter school, neat & clean walkways, classrooms, offices & toilets.
Principal of school: president of students union
Vice principal : student
Teaching staff, administrative staff, non teaching staff : All students
Even sweeper's responsibility carry by the male & female students.
Classrooms have different information displayed with cut outs, posters,banners and also models.
All the hostels are in competition with each other to stand first in displaying the artisan & artworks of many forms.
Science museum have altogether different look, where innovative designs, miniature prepared by students are on display.
Art & craft class rooms also have their unique attraction & in common room you find Flower show.
During recces time you go to sadar darwaza & enjoy snack from "BachchoN ka khwancha" at reasonable price.
The day full of activities & excitement always ended with a pack of sweets.
There are numerous episode related to it.
I will try to key down few later .

Apr 3, 2007

Past Tense....Jamia Middle School

India is a democratic country, the largest democracy in the world.
We were not only taught but practised the same during our school days.
Full fledged elections, formation of cabinet, oath taking ceremony, Parliament session, arguments, counter argument, passing of bills, voting, walkout & forceful eviction of undisciplined members by marshalls.........ALL this in, one school !!

Oath taking ceremony (Masnad nashini ka Jalsa) was always center of attraction for all.
Sadar darwaza turned into the open parliament house, desk for members were set, decorated podium & High chair for the chief justice.
Then comes the procession headed by chief justice followed by President & other ministers.
All in black sherwani's & Female ministers cladded with black coat & Head covered with scarf.
Session starts with JMI's tradition, recitation of quran, followed by honouring the chief guests & other dignitaries.
Group song....Mubarak ho tumko yeh rasm-e-manad nashini followed by glimpse of Parliament proceedings.
After Jalsa, all students to form a Que & proceed towards head masters office to get their share of sweet packet.
(A Samosa,Balushahi,Gulab jamun,Burfi & few potato chips) prepared & packed by MUZAFFAR BHAI, official supplier of food stuff under the supervision of Rasheed sahib(Hindi teacher) & others.
The day of MASNAD NASHINI KA JALSA thus carry an importance for all of us during those days & forever due to its uniqueness & provident significance.
This was yet another feature of Jamia middle School.

Jamia ka tarana (english)

This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
This is where men with zeal stayed
Men who answered the leaders' call
It is here that torn-off love
Found the cohesive chords
It is here that wayward passions
Formed into frenzied love
It is here that the wild tulip learnt
How to make the scar of heart aglow
This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
This is the place of men of vision
And of those with a challenging thought
Every morning here is new
And every evening newer still
Different is this tavern
And different are its norms
Different are the dancing cups
And different is their dance
Here drinking begets thirst a new
And different is this tavern's call
This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
Here, conscience is the beacon light
And conscience is the guide
Here is the Mecca of heart resides the guiding faith
Ceaseless movement is our faith
And blasphemy it is to stay still
Here, the destined goal is the march on and on
Here, the swimming urge seeks
Newer and newer storms
Restless wave itself is our resurrected shore

Translated by: Prof. M. Zakir