Jamia ka Tarana

Jamia ka Tarana

Mar 28, 2007

Past Tense....Jamia Midle school

The first time i went to middle school canteen when my hands hardly reaches to the marble counter top.
I have seen the man behind counter & recognised hims as Muzaffar Bhai, thin, wheatish complexion man.
Expert in making samosa, jalebi, balushahi, namak para & gulab jamun.

History repeats when i took my daughter with me.
The man behind the counter was the same, however the hands that again reached to the counter was changed & i felt my childhood in my daughter.
I shared the same with Muzaffar bhai, still thin, now dark complexion & spiders web on face.
He has treated my daughter with same love as he used to treat me or other students.
Life of middle school is incomplete without Muzaffar bhai.
Although my daughter refused to drink tea there, but i had it with the same affection as it was many years back.
You can find the taste at many places, but neither cups nor surroundings any where in the world.
Namak pare: you will never find the same taste of Muzaffar bhai.
Balu shahi: I tried at many places, but his taste was unique.
Jalebi: Other than evergreen sweet shop, there is no other comparison.
Samosa: I dont like the taste but people says it was good.
Muzaffar bhai didn't know but in school days we used to steal samosa's & biscuit from the counter.
It has all gone with the school hood, Myself & many acquaintance of mine attained respectable place in their respective lives, but i am sure, they also miss those days like i do.
I found the pic of muzaffar bhai & now posting here.

Mar 27, 2007

Past tense....College life

My Friend Badruddin Qureshi made up his mind to contest for the post of PRESIDENT in 1992 JMISU election.
One of the costliest election in the history of Universities all around the world as reported by BBC London.
He called me to come back to the campus & join hands with others for the big day.
I left my job & join the campaign, He was the most favourite & won the election by record margin.
After election, I joined Unitech & starts packing my bags to travel by train.
All of my friends came to see me off at railway station, some how Badruddin qureshi saheb stuck in the traffic jam & delayed.
We were waiting eagerly on the platform for him to join & then train start moving.
We saw Badruddin Qureshi rushing towards the train, so, two of our friends quickly ran towards the guard waving the green signal.
They ordered him to stop the train immediately.He was surprised but somehow after understanding the arrival of a dignitary he stopped the train.
Badar bhai came, we talked for a while among the crowd looking at us.
He then signalled guard to go ahead.
By the time guard understand the whole truth, they all were out from the platform & i was inside.
Altough what we did was wrong, but some how it was a small glimpse of STUDENT POWER.
I will always remember that.

Past tense....Jamia Nursery

I mentioned about mimmi baji, used to take care of us during our nursery days.
She was caring & loving, we all know but the best quality she had i realised in 1990-91.
I was in engineering final year, went to enjoy samosa in muzaffar bhai's canteen in middle school.
I saw mimmi baji coming.
I went near to her & conveyed my salam.
She replied walekum assalam.I went for little more conversation.
She was walking & replying to my questions.
I asked did you recognised me?She looked at me, smiled!!!Said.
You want me to forget my kids zubair?I was overwhelmed by her reply.
How can she remembered me after 19 years???I got the reply from inside.
If a mother can recognised her child irrespective of age then mimmi baji is no less than a mother for me or to any of us related & remember nursery's days.
This is one of the fine example of care & concern of my beloved institution.JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA.

Past Tense....Jamia middle school

It was 1976-77.
I went to collect my result of Grade-III.
Our class teacher was Ms.Aisha Khatoon.
I was sitting on the bench & waiting for my turn.
She called me,took out my report card, smiled & hugged me.It was the sign that i secured distinction & position in the class.
She took out a storey book & given me as "present" for my performance in the examination.
It was a total new experience for me that my teacher given me a gift from her own pocket.
The name of storey book was "chhoti laltain"(small lantern).
How can i forget the name of book & the contents, inspired me at the time when i was not knowing the meaning of inspiration.
What i remembered there after, to work hard & your teacher will give you more storey books as present.
This was a fine example of Jamia middle school, where teachers were slowly but surely building the personalities.

Past Tense.....Jamia nursery

We (me & my wife) were looking for a suitable school for our daughter in 2002.we had visited many schools in Sharjah & Dubai.
Most of the schools were emphasised on their facilities for the pupils like, swimming pool facility, play area, painting & much more.
No body talks about the EDUCATION.
They charge enormous amount to get your child admitted on the merit of their facilities rather to the education part.
Any how,
we have selected a school in the end with good educational record & inhouse facilities with optimum fee structure.
Now, she is in 3rd standard & doing good,
well placed among the other students on competency level & secured her place in creativity.
When i compare 2002 or 2007 with 1972 about 35 years back, i still found the NURSERY of JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA better than any institute for kinder gartens in INDIA & ABROAD.
What i avail in 1972-73, it is difficult for the kids to avail now, despite of having much improved services as compared to that era.
Jamia nursery, was then situated in front of administrative block (VC office) or on the right side when you enter from the main gate leading to VC office.
The compound wall begins after few meters from the gate & ends before the office block.
Lush Green with many trees,main building,paved play area, centre play area with sea saw & other amenities, Two designated huge bath tubs (HAUZ)(Present day swimming pool) to accommodate boys & girls separately.
The capacity was to accommodate @ 15-20 kinder together,Fruit trees like guava,Shehtoot(mulberry?),Bel Paththar(bel fruit) (i dont know the english name).The activities we used to do in nursery were,Learning Urdu alphabets,counting,storey listening,Urdu poems, Clay modelling,paper tearing, paper cutting,fruit/vegetable printing,coloring by crayons & water colors,making masks,making sand castles,riding toy car,bicycle,scooter etc,playing musical instruments like harmonium,trumpet, drum etc.So many other activities like every kid do but no computer at that time.
It was so fantastic & healthy that i still remember those happenings.Aapa Jaan,Mimmi baaji, Abdullah Bhai.Abdullah bhai & mimmi baji used to eat paan all the times.
They were so nice with all the kids.
I will write separately about them.
There was one thing, without which nursery cant be complete,.PICNIC!!
We used to go on picnic by a lorry, driven by ZAMAN BHAI & we call it "JAMIA KI LORRY"Green color ( i think suleman has mentioned this in his writings).
I cant turned the wheel back, but one thing i can say with confidence, If our kids are fortunate to have such facilities in present period to learn & nurture their talent on a high cost then we were very fortunate to availed all above & much more in 1972-73, with almost no cost.

Past tense....Jamia middle school

Continuation of Baaghbani......

We were in 7th standard when Hashmet saheb summoned us & directed to acquire more land for the purpose.
There was huge piece of land extended up to the boundary of Dr.Zakir Hussain Tomb, this land was placed higher in level as compared to original baaghbani.
Filled with unwanted shrubs, ground covers,creepers, pebbles & boulders.
Hide out of snakes,lizards,boa & other insects.
In first sight it was a daunting task for all of us, however, without hesitation we accept the directives of our teacher & made our minds to level the place.
we worked there for almost ten days, during the period & after the school timings.
12-13 years old, about 15 boys...all sweating,cut marks on leg & face due to thorns,blisters in hand due to excessive holding of spade, shovel & pick axe, torn white shirt, faces covered in dust.
Looking at each other, all exhausted after finishing the last corner like we have won a battle.
Next morning Hashmet saheb, came along with Naseem saheb & other teachers for inspection, they looked at the place, all clean & levelled.
Other teachers extolled us except Hashmet saheb.
He said, you have come the half way only.
Other half way is to fertile, ploughing & sawing...so, what you are waiting for?
Do it.
Another three days, another hard work & the job done.
Finally the day has arrived when he praised us, with a smile on his face.
As a gift he told us to plant Eucalyptus tree on the boundary of baaghbani.
He also told us that in coming days & years when you come here & see those tress, you will always remember your gift, your baaghbani,Baba din, your tireless efforts & golden days associated with this campus.
We excited & planted those trees, watered them till 8th standard & then they have grown of their own.
Life found its way.
My eucalyptus once eaten by a cow, i was sad that it is dead now, but it wasn't the case, after few days, it has given two off shoots.
In 2002 i saw them intact.....tall trees, flourishing & looking at sky at infinity with roots deep in the ground.

I got emotional, because Hashmet Saheb was 100% right in what he said many years back.
If we compare those Eucalyptus with our life.....it has similarities.
Without the fertile land of jamia millia islamia, gardeners like hashmet saheb, aisha madam, bilquees madam,naseem saheb, rasheed saheb,mehboob saheb,akhlaque saheb, farooq saheb, khalid saifullah saheb, baba din, mushtaq bhai,asrar saheb & many more, we cant reach to the hieghts in our respective lives wehere we are standing today.
How can some one have an institution like JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA?

Mar 26, 2007

Past tense....Jamia middle school

I was trying to locate a school with its own bank.
No search results!!!

Now, Travel back to India, go to new Delhi 110025,ask for jamia school compound & you will find a bank there.
I am talking about of 70's.
Jamia middle school used to have "BachchoN ka BANK".
In our time Janab Mashood hussain mufti saheb was manager,accountant,clerk,security man cum teacher of bachchoN ka bank.
Only student hail from middle school can open account in the bank & have their pass books.
I remember, i opened my account with 25 paisa.
This bank was very important specially for the students staying in the hostels.
Their parents deposit monthly or bi monthly expenses in the bank & those monies can be withdrawn from time to time.
Mufti saheb was very strict while students withdrew their monies.
One has go through marathon of questions for the purpose of withdrawing anything above Rs.10.
I understand later in my life, the importance of BachchoN ka bank.
The purpose of bank to make you aware of another part of life, savings, planning , economics & preparing you for future enchantments.
I still miss BachchoN ka bank & Mufti saheb.......does it exist now?
That was my JMI.
Dream & a reality.

Mar 25, 2007

Past Tense.....Jamia Middle School

I wonder, if any school in Delhi or elsewhere, offers "Baaghbani" (Gardening) as a subject/activity for their students in middle school?

But In JAMIA MIDDLE SCHOOL, you have option to choose Baaghbani (gardening) during 1977-78 or even before.
That was the reason when HASHMAT SAHEB asked in class room about baaghbani, then without hesitation i took it.
The area on the backside of middle school main building, from the corner of Mehmood manzil till Matbakh was then given for gardening purpose.
Although, later on it stretched up to the wall of Dr.Zakir hussain's tomb, but when we started it was limited & not very big in terms of width.
BABA DIN (the gardener) was our supervisor, guide & everything.
Ploughing the hard soil with spade & Axe wasn't an easy task, Boys & girls both took part in the operation & did the job well.
The whole class was divided in group of 4 students each, two to three bays to each group for the cultivation of CROP.
One bay for the seasonal flowers & other two for your choice of cash crop (palak,mooli, shaljam,gajar, gaanth gobhi,mirch) (spinach, radish, turnip,carrot,chilli etc).
After all hard work, the time came to see the results......Crop was ready, Hashmat saheb, given instruction to cut the crop.
We did that & then it comes to distribution.
We divided the portions for Head master saheb (AZAD RASOUL Saheb), hashmet saheb, all other teachers as a token of love, a portion for us to take home.
Rest was kept open for sale.
We never forget baba din in the whole process & he was offered with part of selling for all his hard work & guidance.
Apparently, all above seems to be an activity, but at this juncture of life.
It was meant for many things that a person faces in his life.
Hardship, fight with the circumstances & mould the things according to your right requirements,leadership quality,to understand responsibility,sharing, respect, acknowledgment & gratitude.
I cant explain, it meant too much for us.
I cant turn the turn the wheel back, it was wonderful time indeed.
I must say that "It can happen only in JAMIA", like "it happens only in India"

Another part of baaghbani will appear shortly...........

Mar 22, 2007

Past tense..Jamia Middle School


It is really difficult to pen every thing happened during school days.
Middle school, was the golden time of my life, right from grade-I till grade-VIII, Beautiful eight years of life.
The common entrance of both school what you see today was there since i enter to first grade, there was a D-shape small park at the entrance(we used to call it D),small black color short height iron gate to school.
Sadar darwaza, was the assembly point & the place of most of the happenings.
Class rooms at ground floor & hostel at first.
Little further (when you go straight from the entrance)what you see now is a common big block of Middle & higher secondary school, was then only two buildings.
One double storey with attached single storey & behind was playground & FAUJDAR ki Nursery.
There were two blocks of single storey class room while coming out from jamia mosque.
I don't remember but may be 7-8 class rooms on each side.
When you face towards mosque, on left after class rooms, Mehboob saheb (Marhoom),Asrar Saheb (marhoom) used to reside.
You go further left to find out BAGHBANI area stretched up to MUSHTAQ bhai's house.
On your right another stretch of 7-8 classrooms, open area,descends to playground & Muzaffar Bhai's canteen.
We used to have a small amphitheatre, actually i have seen the ruins of it during my school days, may be some one older than me can confirm its existence.
Next to principal office & opposite to Mehmood manzil (hostel) there was an area designated for Children's zoo.
Yes, it was an highlight of Jamia middle school.
One of my classmate "Najeeb sultan sherwani" used to maintain the zoo.
Najeeb came from a wealthy background & if iam not wrong then once he told me that he has a share in some "torch company" {forget the name of company}.
Najeeb was so possessive about the upkeep of "Chidia Ghar" that he used to skip classes, face shouting of teachers, take anything head on that comes in between him & his beloved chidiya ghar.
I remember his obsession as both were the synonym of each other.
Whenever someone talks about Chidia ghar then first thing that comes to anyone's mind was his (Najeev's) innocent face, always smiling.
He used to visit Jamia staff quarters, nearby localities wherever he got a clue of "Pigeons" "Rabbit" "ducks" etc etc.
I saw him once in my Mamu's house who used live in Dampoo's in Jamia college Where Najeeb was playing with pigeons & trying to take few to Chidia Ghar.
He used to spend all his pocket money on the maintenance of Chidia ghar as iam unaware if school used to help him or not but he was found always short of money.
He was among the top hostlers who lives with day-scholars most of the time & has bitter relationship with his room mates.
It wasn't his trait but weakness that brought him near to day-scholars because few of them have possession of his choice at their homes.
Time passed & I saw nothing when I visited school in 2004.
If I would have given a chance then I will certainly make every student of middle school aware of those golden days with Najeeb's name in GOLD inscripted & associated with the Chidia Ghar.
I have seen many rabbits,swans,ducks,pigeons,hen, deer,peacock, no snake & lion at that time.
The zoo also had one small pond & a covered dome.

I dont think that any school of that time & even todays offers the facility of zoo like what jamia middle school offered 25 years bck.

Mar 15, 2007

Past Tense Up to 1970.

Dear All,
You can post your memories here from 1970 & earlier.

Past tense (1990-1981)

Dear All,
You can post your memories during the period (1981-1990).

Past tense (1991-2000)

Dear All,
You can post your memories here belongs to year (1991-2000).

Past tense (2005-2000)

Dear All,

You can post the memories belongs to year (2000-2005)

Mar 8, 2007

Nostalgia...Past tense.

Iam here to start posting the golden memories of student hood.
There is no body without those unforgettable moments.
So!! why to wait?
lets begin from here.
Who knows these memories from different people at different time in jamia turned out to be an asset!

Jamia ka tarana (english)

This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
This is where men with zeal stayed
Men who answered the leaders' call
It is here that torn-off love
Found the cohesive chords
It is here that wayward passions
Formed into frenzied love
It is here that the wild tulip learnt
How to make the scar of heart aglow
This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
This is the place of men of vision
And of those with a challenging thought
Every morning here is new
And every evening newer still
Different is this tavern
And different are its norms
Different are the dancing cups
And different is their dance
Here drinking begets thirst a new
And different is this tavern's call
This is the land of my hopes
This is the land of my dreams
Here, conscience is the beacon light
And conscience is the guide
Here is the Mecca of heart resides the guiding faith
Ceaseless movement is our faith
And blasphemy it is to stay still
Here, the destined goal is the march on and on
Here, the swimming urge seeks
Newer and newer storms
Restless wave itself is our resurrected shore

Translated by: Prof. M. Zakir